Engagement Ring that Evolves
The Beauty of Asymmetry
Everlasting love-never to get bored
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Pearl against Formality
Romantique comes in a shape
A Turtle drifting in a wave
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Same shape, different Volume
Award-Winning Pieces
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Order Flow
Please allow 2 to 3 face-to-face appointments for order and shipping:
Initial Appointment:
In the initial appointment, our  service begins by exploring the best jewelry design
with you based on the actual pieces you bring or photo cut-out reference materials.
After the design direction is set, next steps approximate cost estimate
and delivery timeline will be proposed.
An agreement will be issued upon official order.
Second Appointment:
The design art (3 dimensional drawing in colors) and clay sample will be presented.
A detailed discussion will be made at this stage presenting a sample
or reference materials for better understanding.

Actual size clay using same size of
mele Diamonds (right),
and colored rendering (left)
Along with how-to-wear advice, the jewelry sizing will be confirmed at this stage.
We may keep the product when there is a need for slight size adjustments.
Scope of Work
Custom made jewelry,
Jewelry remodel,
Bridal jewelry,
Slight remodeling services upon request