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Custom -made jewelry was something expensive and out of reach in the past.

Today, as many people look for possessing something exclusive and bespoke,

it has become more accessible in both pricing and its procedures.

If you have any jewelry that no longer suit your needs or style, do share with us.

All our jewelry is handcrafted with special attention to

tailoring the pieces to bring out its uniqueness and style.

Exploring the images that you really aspire but not being able to find,

representing your images in design is what ayuKoide dedicates.

Ayuko Koide

​( Designer, Managing Director )
A former business person in a global financial company and spending years in art  gallery business,Ayuko studied jewelry crafting at Japan Jewelry Craft School.
Raised in US and spent her teenage years in Europe, she graduated from
Sophia University International Dept., in Tokyo,Japan.
In 2003, she became a Managing Director at Hyo Co..Ltd.,
which specializes in jewelry manufacturing and retail sales.
Winning number of acclaimed jewelry awards , in 2031,Ayuko established
Linn Co.Ltd. and is a Managing Director overseeing the business.